Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fossil Hunting with a Friend {by R.}

Today we went on another fossil hunting trip. We went to the spot on Arroyo Seco Road. This was the same spot where we got lost trying to find it the first time. And, when we got there this time, we found all of our fossils.

There were two major differences between the last trip and this trip. The first major difference was that we came way more prepared. This time we brought more hammers, more bags, some stuffing for the rocks, and tape to hold together broken rocks.

The second major difference was that this time we brought our friend, F., along. When my brother has F. in the car with him it is a disaster, especially since I was between the two of them.

When we got to the site, F. got his tools and he loaned us some chisels. We went up the left side of the hill and my brother and my dad went up the right. While the others were finding a lot of fossils I climbed across to the middle. Then F. and I moved to the other side finding that it had more fossils.

After we got overwhelmed with the heat we ate sandwiches and drank root beer. Then we had another long drive home. It was quite an adventure.