Thursday, June 6, 2013

Learning to Code

A good friend of mine sent out a link earlier this year, about coding and why it's important to learn. I, largely, ignored it - sorry K! - but this week, I'm taking it to heart as I look over and see this...

R has been having a blast this week, programming his little arduino. He types in code and the lights on the board behave differently. First he had them blinking at different intervals. This morning he showed me how the light comes on until you cover it with you palm, then it turns off. Move your hand away and it turns back on.

Maybe I'm easily impressed, but I know that I couldn't do that.

Does your kid code? Do you? Would love to hear. Comment below, or email me at constantmotioncamilla [at] gmail [dot] com.


Here are a couple of links I found this morning. I don't remember which one my friend originally sent me, but I will certainly be reading up on this more.

"Why all our kids should be taught how to code" on The Guardian, March 2012