Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hold on to your hats!

As I am watching R. get drawn into the world of arduino* - he has hijacked my laptop to type code well past his usual bedtime - I realized that a blog might be a good way to chronicle his creations. All of our creations, really. We are 'the Maker Manns' after all. So, hold onto your hats and follow along, if you dare.

D's busy hands at the Maker Faire 2013

I'm fully cognizant that I am going to be left behind with some of this technical mumbo-jumbo. Then, you'll find me, creating magic of my own, in the kitchen or with my camera and laptop. Find me at Culinary Adventures with Camilla or view my forays back into the world of publishing at With a Pen and a Lens.

*If you're unfamiliar with arduino, check out the MAKE blog for a good introduction. Click here.