Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fort Ord - by R

We went and collected native seeds today. Before that we stopped at ACME. I ordered an Aztec hot chocolate and my brother got a Mexican hot chocolate. Mom and Dad got coffee, I think. My brother and I added lots of cinnamon to ours. I like mine with a bit of spice in it. Then we went to Fort Ord.

We were collecting seeds so we can them the Bureau of Land Management the seeds. They will plant them around Fort Ord. We were led in a large group to the sticky monkey plant. We picked the pods that were at a 90-degree angle. The rest were leaves.

Next we came to a patch of mock heather. They had fluffy seeds that were yellowish-white. They had leaves that look funny and come off the stalk. They look like a fan. I accidentally picked seeds from the coyote bush. I thought it was mock heather. It has fluffy seeds that are completely white and it has small broad leaves.

After the mock heather, we came to a Toro manzanita. Manzanita means 'little apple' and it does have little berries that look like small apples. You can even make an apple cider with them.

Then we came to a California sage bush. It smelled good. We just pulled the seeds off and threw them over the bush. A bigger bush will grow.

Chemise is a plant whose seeds you can pull off really easily. D and I threw them in the air like confetti. The last plant we came to was black sage. I thought it smelled better than the other sage. This on you had to break-up the pods to get to the seeds.

We went back to the beginning for a barbeque lunch that they had made for all of the volunteers. We hiked two and a half miles!

With the seeds that we collected they will plant them somewhere else. It will help to make barren areas into a forest.