Wednesday, November 6, 2013

PiBoIDMo 2013: I'm can't eat me!

As with most of my ideas, this one blossomed from a conversation I was having with the boys as we drove home from school one afternoon. They are the target audience, after all. This is what got me thinking...

D: Did you know that D - in my class - is a vegetarian? I didn't know that. I just learned that today.
R: I don't think there are any vegetarians in my class.
C: How do you know that D is a vegetarian?
D: We were talking about it at lunch. So, she's a vegetarian. And B is a pescetarian. Do you know what a pescetarian is?
R: Yes, it's someone who eats fish. Right, Mom?!? Isn't 'pesce' fish?
C: Yes!
R: I remember that from my Italian picture dictionary.
C: Woohoo.
R: I can understand a vegetarian. They just don't eat animals. But why be a pescetarian? Why not just be an omnivore?
D: I know the answer, I know! B told me she's a pescetarian because she doesn't eat cute animals.
R: What?
D: You know...pigs have cute faces. Cows have cute faces. But fish...well, she says that fish aren't cute.
R: I think fish are cute!
D: Well, I think that broccoli is cute...and I still eat it.

"I'm can't eat me!"
Not quite sure where the story will go, but I like the idea of 'cute' being in the eye of the eater.