Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Making of Mountain Bikers

Jake and his buddies mountain bike out at the old Fort Ord regularly. On Veterans' Day, he took our minis on their first adventure. They had a great time. Today, he decided it would be a fun family outing. Ummm...okay.

Off we went...

I survived and left the profanity-laced thoughts rattling around in my own head. But I did yell at Jake at one point: This is what you and your friends do for fun!?! 

I only hit one tree, but I fell into poison oak. So, I went straight home and Tecnu'd...and opened a beer.

I turned around at the parking lot to this view.

"What are you doing, Dylan?" I demanded.

I'm standing on my bike. Duh, Mom.

"Where did you learn to do that?"

We watched Danny with Daddy...on YouTube.

"Who's Danny?"

I don't really know. He does tricks like this.

"No more Danny!"

Jake just sent me our mileage and elevation changes. I survived 7.27 miles. My husband labeled it "fun ride." Hmmm...that's not the descriptor I would use!