Saturday, June 7, 2014

One Crabby Day {by R}

Friday, 6 June, 2014

Today was the first day of summer vacation. I woke up tired and my brother had a summer sleep-in. Then we had a yummy breakfast made by my mom. My dad announced that we were going crabbing with Captain Dan. We packed up all of our stuff. I packed a few jackets, a book on boomerangs, and my new Kindle Paperwhite. Dad packed our lunch in a cooler.

We drove out to the Wharf to meet up with Dan. We loaded up and headed out to sea. I got to steer the boat out of the docks and D got to blow the horn he brought. We hydroplaned five miles out! As we headed to the first buoy, I had the crab hook and hooked the rope underneath the buoy. Dad and Dan pulled up the crab trap. It had four crabs in it. 

Dan took out his crab measurer and checked to make sure the crabs were legal size. The two smaller crabs were illegal and we tossed them out while the larger one - and giant one - were keepers! We checked two other crab cages and they were full.

When we had our limit, we fished for a little bit before heading back to the docks. We got a lot of crab. We helped unload and went back to the Wood's house. Dan gave us a cooler-full of crab. My mom cooked them. I can't wait to eat what she makes!