Friday, June 6, 2014

Tech Challenge: It's Not About Winning

Our mantra, leading up to The Tech Challenge (click to read more about The Tech Challenge 2014), was: It's NOT about winning. It's about what you learned, how you failed, how you adapted and revised, and how you worked as a team. 

But I have to say, with over 500 teams waiting for the announcements, tension was palpable. Almost stifling. Kids were biting fingernails; parents were holding their breath. The room was practically vibrating with excitement.

There were prizes for Best Costumes, Best Journals, Best Device Performance and even Most Spectacular Fail. When it came to Best Engineering Design Process awards, I was floored to hear R's team announced: The Test Tubes. 2nd Place. Best Engineering Design Process. Wow.

Okay, it's not about winning. But it sure was nice to have that recognition of all their hours or hard work. D was so happy for his brother...

Jake was so relieved to be done...

And, me? Well, I'm all about creating food memories to commemorate special events. So, I treated R to his favorite treat: Sparky's Root Beer and Penny Ice Cream. It's still not about winning, it's about the entire endeavor. The award was just icing on the cake.