Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Camp: Learning About Condors

Summer camps are expensive, typcially. No doubt about that. But they also provide great enrichment. So, we pick and choose camps for the boys carefully. Last year, they did kayak camp and were out on the bay for several hours a day for a week. It was a fantastic experience. And they gained so much confidence on and in the water.

Today, they're off on a one day condor adventure with Ventana Wildlife Society. Click to read more about their work with condors. And, in the range of summer camps, this one is a good deal.

The boys carefully followed the packing list, making sure they had swim trunks, sunblock, and the other items; I loaded up their lunchboxes with carrot and celery sticks, lychee, cheese, granola bars, and wraps with turkey meatballs.

D was up at 5 o'clock. "It's time for condor camp, Mommy! Condoooooooooooor camp! Mommy, get up."

Not yet. Go back to bed, please. Jake pulled the blanket over his head and groaned, "Why is he awake at five?!" He's really excited.

Stay tuned, they'll report back tonight about what they learned!

Have fun, boys! Learn lots.